Manufacturing Automation

How can it be built faster and cheaper?
How can this production line be scaled without simply duplicating the space and personnel?

Everyone knows that a product has to meet a customer need, employ a robust, verified design, and, lastly, a product has to be produced. Ironically, efficient production often turns out to be the hardest part. Innovative Drive Corporation (IDC) helps its customers review and modify their designs for manufacturability. We work with you to evaluate the volume, price sensitivity, manufacturing methods, materials, supply chains, packaging and delivery requirements of your product. Once evaluated we help you transition your assembly line tools from purpose-specific manual and automated manufacturing. If your components are hard to handle or inspect, we will help you implement intelligent vision-based algorithms and full robotic solutions.

Areas of experience:

  • Design for manufacturability review and update at all stages of product development.
  • Purpose-specific hand tools and fixturing.
  • Purpose-specific semi-automated and fully automated fixturing and manufacturing solutions.
  • Integrated, real-time, non-contact based measurement (using laser and vision) of critical features and feedback into manufacturing equipment.
  • Custom electronic and software solutions to manufacturing and test challenges.
  • Modular, flexible, cost effective, 5 axis robotic work cells that are tailored to efficient process change over, as required in a mixed manufacturing environment.

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