Finite Element Analysis

Are you tired of the usual “guess and test” design cycle?
Is there simply not enough time to iterate until you have an acceptable solution?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of single and multi-body systems allows Innovative Drive Corporation (IDC) to help customers gain a deeper understanding of their design(s) with less time and cost. This service allows faster design cycles and realization of superior final product. Modeling complex, interrelated systems allows the customer to replace engineering inference and estimation with real, numerical, performance information. FEA is a key tool in IDC’s service repertoire, focused on helping customers ensure that design criteria are efficiently met.

Areas of experience:

  • Strength and deformation analysis of components created from engineering materials, including plastics, metals and elastomers.
  • Simulation of plastic deformation of metal components including swaging and stamping processes, clip and implant formation.
  • Prediction of forming forces and residual strain levels that may affect the component’s performance.
  • Simulation of impact loading and high velocity interaction.
  • Simulation of complex, time-dependent loading scenarios.
  • Simulation of implant performance in soft tissue including implant strength considerations and fatigue performance.
  • Correlation of in-vivo models to engineering models.
  • Failure analysis of components or systems where the failure mode is elusive due to a complex confluence of events.
  • Heat transfer analysis and strength analysis of heated components.
  • Predicting behavior of custom materials with proprietary physical characteristics.