Creative Design

Is there a problem that needs to be solved?
Do you have a concept that needs to be fleshed out?
Do you have an alternative path that is promising but no bandwidth to explore it?

Innovative Drive Corporation (IDC) has the talent and resources to move your ideas forward. We work with you to invent and realize novel solutions. Our effort does not end with a few “blue sky concepts” in flashy presentations. Rather, we deliver functional solutions, tempered by the realities of cost awareness, manufacturability and time to market. IDC can help you take your idea to the next level.

Areas of experience:

  • “Napkin” concepts through feasibility design.
  • Optimization of current product designs, including functional improvement and product line extensions.
  • Design and optimization of capital equipment and disposable products.
  • Fixture development to ensure seamless test and manufacture of products.
  • Integrated electro-mechanical systems.
  • Microcontroller, custom circuitry and software solutions.
  • Full prototyping of plastic and metal assemblies in our fully equipped shop.

Click one of the thumbnails bellow to see examples of designs we've created.